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The RideForPKD crew has officially made it to Kansas! And no, unfortunately, we haven’t come across the yellow brick road yet. Check out the recap to see instances of RideForPKD in the news this week!

Glenn had the pleasure of meeting the researchers at CU Anschutz, a leader in PKD research and clinical trials.

This week, we’ve been trekking through the mountains and beauty that is Colorado and our special guest? Lance Armstrong! Plus, we've now raised $429,925.

As we make our way through Utah, we can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of calmness from being surrounded in solitude. Utah’s beauty lies in its wide-open plains and roads that transcend for miles so we got some much-needed moments of peace and tranquility this week.

We've met some incredible people along the way, especially this week, and are now joined by Glenn's lifelong friend Weinz for the ride. To date, we’ve raised $422,456 as we transition from Arizona to Utah.

We’re officially 20% done with our journey across America. This means that we’ve crossed over the 1,200-mile mark and climbed over a total of 42,136 feet! Plus! We've raised over $400,000 so far!

We launched our merch store, used the RV for the first time, and got to ride alongside Thomas Weimbs, Ph.D., Professor at UC Santa Barbara and President of Santa Barbara Nutrients.

From enduring 40mph winds to climbing over 4,700ft in just one day, to trekking 83 miles along the PCH with the most gorgeous ocean views, the beginning of the ride went off without a hitch.

The bike ride to find a cure for PKD.

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